Doctor Laurence Gardner, director of Educational Vision Services, sitting at his desk

Dr. Laurence Gardner

Director, Educational Vision Services

Educational Vision Services (EVS), as part of the Department of Education, is entering what Chancellor Joel Klein has called a "critical moment of opportunity for the City’s children and its future." EVS welcomes this moment and the opportunity presented to our staff and students by the changes that are underway. We embrace the reform measures of Children First and are committed to our role in improving public education.

The mission of EVS is to provide the variety of services and supports that will allow blind and visually impaired students in New York City to participate fully in challenging educational experiences and have equity of opportunity so that that they become participants in and contributing members of our multicultural society. The new system-wide instructional approach has been designed to help our schools take students to the highest levels of achievement. The role of EVS is to provide the special strategies and materials that will ensure that every blind and visually impaired student meets these high learning standards.


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