Procedures for obtaining Educational Vision Services

For students not currently mandated for vision services

who are suspected of having a visual impairment:

If the suspected visual impairment affects the student’s ability to learn without assistive devices or modifications and/or impedes his or her ability to function independently in school or the larger community, a functional vision assessment (FVA) must be conducted by Educational Vision Services (EVS).  Follow the below steps in order to obtain or rule out the need for services from a teacher of the visually impaired.


Best corrected visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye and/or a field restriction of 60 degrees or less, or restrictions in acuity or field of vision that interfere with the learning process.   
For more information contact the EVS office via telephone at (917) 256-4259 or email the appropriate EVS Supervisor:

Gregory H. Santamoor, EVS Director and Bronx Supervisor,
Maria Fridas, EVS Queens and Staten Island Supervisor,
Giovanka Brignoni, EVS Brooklyn Manhattan Supervisor,

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